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Wild herbs for dogs

Wild herbs provide important minerals, vitamins and nutrients for your dog. The wild herbs can be added to daily food or as a cure, for example in spring and autumn. They are also used as tea or tincture for direct application, such as for eczema, wounds or skin diseases.

Why wild herbs? It has now been proven beyond doubt that our four-legged friends are descendants of the wolf and that their food consisted or should consist mainly of meat and fish. Since our dogs no longer hunt their food themselves but are fed by us, a lack of proteins, minerals and vitamins can develop.

A perfect supplement are wild herbs in dogs that are already BARFED. But of course wild herbs can also be fed to dogs that receive normal wet and dry food.

In addition, wild herbs are an excellent alternative when it comes to loss of appetite, joint diseases, circulatory problems, colds or detoxification. Wild herbs strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and have a harmonising effect on your dog.

I would be happy to give you a suitable wild herb mixture or feeding recommendation. Please contact me by email and let me know your request. I will be happy to get in touch with you.

The costs for a wild herb consultation are 25 Euro net.