# esgibtkeinProblemtier

missing animals

To find a missing animal again is possible by means of animal communication but often very difficult. I would be happy to explain the reasons for this in more detail.

To establish a connection to the animal is one thing, to "transfer" his descriptions exactly something completely different. Animals have other points of orientation than humans. Often this is not a striking building but a stone, other animals or a tree. Proportions, times and distances can vary greatly.

It is also possible that the animal itself does not know where it is or what has happened. It can happen that the animal has had a fatal accident, but has not yet realised it.

It also happens that the animal says it is on its way home and everything is fine. The animal has already left its body and is in transformation.

Of course I never assume the worst at first, but I would like to reveal the difficulties to you here as well.

If your animal is missing, I will of course do everything I can to contact it and support you in finding your animal.

There will be no initial costs for you to contact me. Only with a successful finding, due to my support - and here I rely on your honesty - I charge you the amount of 85 euros net of which I donate 40 Euro to Tasso e.V.