# esgibtkeinProblemtier

end-of-life care 

Dealing with the death of one's own animal is very difficult. In the ideal case our animal accompanies us his whole life long. Is our faithful friend, listener, playmate and luck donor. But we should also be very close to our animal, especially in this last stage of life.

At some point the time comes when we are confronted with the death of the animal - be it due to its advanced age, an accident or an illness. I can accompany you and your animal on this journey. We can use animal communication to clarify important questions, such as whether the animal would like help from the vet or whether it would like to be released from its suffering. How and where the animal would like to die and where or how it would like to be buried. 

Perhaps you would also like to clarify open questions or misunderstandings before the death of your beloved animal. I can ask your animal if it has a message for you.

In order to get in contact with your animal I need a picture, on which your animal is well to be recognized, particularly the eyes are important. In addition, I ask for name, sex, and reason for contact.

At the same time you send me 8 questions to your animal. If you have more questions for your animal, I would suggest a second conversation 1 to 2 days later.

After placing the order and receipt of payment, you will receive - within a short period of time - the minutes of the interview in pdf format by e-mail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

The price for the care of the dying is 80 Euro net.