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bach flower therapy

Disease will never really be cured or eradicated with the materialistic methods currently applied, because its origin is not in the material. For what we call disease is only the physical end result of the continuing action of deeper forces.
Dr. Edward Bach

In 1930, Dr. Edward Bach decided to give up a practice and focus exclusively on the effects of medicinal plants. Thanks to him, we now have extensive knowledge of these special Bach flowers and can use them successfully and without chemicals.

Initially, Bach Flower Remedies mixtures were intended for humans. However, it soon became apparent that they also helped animals - even better than humans. Why? In animals, the connection to the soul is not interrupted by the ego. Animals do not question the Bach Flowers, they do not expect a special result. They simply let them work.

In animals, even more so than in humans, there is a much closer connection between mental stress and corresponding physical disorders, since animal souls express themselves mainly through the body. Especially with behavioural problems, such as fears, Bach flowers often work surprisingly quickly. Through the Bach flowers one can directly respond to the spiritual origin of fear. One cannot, for example, train a dog down to fear, nor can the dog owner convey absolute security in every situation. The Bach flowers help the animal to process and dissolve the trigger for the fears.

Bach flowers are also used successfully after severe trauma, be it through very bad posture, maltreatment, grief or an accident.

I determine the correct mixture either through a questionnaire and a detailed conversation with the dog owner or, depending on the distance, I let the dog determine the flower mixture himself. 

The price for an analysis of the questionnaire including conversation and mixture of the Bach flowers (30ml) is 35,00 Euro net.

Further mixtures, also with corrections, are 25 Euro net per mixture (30ml). 

The bach flower therapy cannot replace veterinary treatment with physical complaints of any kind. If necessary, I can contact the treating doctor directly.