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Ganzheitliche Tierbetrachtung

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What more could we wish for than a harmonious coexistence with our animals? We want them to feel good, to feel at home with us and we want them to lead a relaxed, happy life with us.

However, there can always be "disturbances" in our coexistence. 

Be it that their dog is suddenly aggressive, pulls at the leash, eats nothing more or is strongly frightened. Or her cat is no longer house-trained overnight, no longer gets along with other animals in the household and ruins the furniture. Your horse shuns without any reason, beats out or kicks against the box.

There are countless more moments that can suddenly turn our life together upside down and make us doubt ourselves and our animal.

In all these situations I am happy to help you to let harmony return to your everyday life and to enable you and your animal to live happily together